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Search Adoptable & Lost/Found Animals Online Pets

Have you lost an animal? Welcome to the BC SPCA Pet Search. Use the form fields below to search for stray animals that have been found and have been taken to a BC SPCA location, or found and listed by a member of the public using this site. The database is updated daily so check back often!

You can also login or create an account to post a free listing of your missing animal, which you can return to and edit/remove at any time. After verification your lost animal posting then becomes searchable and listed on this site (by default the missing animal listings will stay up on this site for 30 days). *Your free lost animal posting also includes the automatic generation of a "Lost Animal" poster which you can use to print out and post in your neighbourhood!

  • If you are a BC Pet Registry member, please make sure to update your account and verify that your contact information is correct. If you're not a member, please visit www.bcpetregistry.ca today and sign up - it is a provincial pet identification database that will increase the likelihood of your animal coming home!
  • For more information and tips about what to do if you have lost your pet, including a list of city-run pound contact numbers, click here to visit the BC SPCA "Lost a Pet" web page: spca.bc.ca/faqs/lost-animal-help

Thank you for using the BC SPCA Pet Search site, we provide this free service as we know that losing your pet can be a traumatic experience for both of you and would like to help reunite you.

How do I search for found animals?

Option 1 - Search BC SPCA locations for stray animals in our care:
Use the "I want to search by selecting a shelter" option, then select a pet type and then click the BC SPCA location in the list below to start searching for stray animals in our care in that location.

Option 2 - Search BC SPCA locations for stray animals in our care + animals found by the public within ALL locations:
"I want to search for all pets reported as found" will be the widest search possible as it doesn't specify location, but may be too wide for your purposes as it will include all found animals, both strays in BC SPCA shelters plus animals found and posted by members of the public, but will not exclude any locations. You may have lost your pet in Kamloops, but this search will return found animals from Fort St. John to Campbell River to Vancouver - any found animals.

Option 3 - Search BC SPCA locations for stray animals in our care + animals found by the public based on a city or postal code area search:
To search for stray animals in a BC SPCA location plus pets that have been posted as found on this site by members of the public, but based on a location, select the "I want to search for all pets reported as found within a Postal Code" option, which will search strays in BC SPCA shelters as well as animals found and posted here by people in the community, based on the city you enter. You can enter a city by clicking 'Find' to select a city and then clear the postal code field, which will search all animals found in that city, including strays in BC SPCA locations and found animals posted by members of the public, no matter what the postal code. However, if you want to use the location search option within a certain number of kilometres, you must enter a complete postal code. You may wish to use the postal code search to widen your search, such as if you lost your pet in Vancouver, but you also live near Burnaby.

If you want to refine your search even further, use the Advanced Search instead, which gives you more options such as animal breeds. However, not everyone sees an animal the same way so we recommend that you keep your search as wide as possible and check back often!

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